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A ‘tech stack’ is a list of all the technology services used to build and run one single application. Different HealthTechs will require different tech stacks, meaning no two are the same. We’ve uncovered the tech stacks used by different HealthTech organizations and created a non-exhaustive list of the tech stacks used by seven HealthTech giants in 2022.


Founded: 2011 | Based: San Francisco

Ginger is an on-demand mental health company which provides around-the-clock access and emotional support via therapy, coaching and psychiatry. Over 10 million people have access to Ginger in over 40 countries across the globe. This is mainly the result of the HealthTech’s partnerships with innovative employers. Today, with over 500 employers ranging from smaller startups to giant Fortune 100s such as Domino’s, SurveyMonkey, Sephora and so on, Ginger is proving incredibly successful in delivering employees with high-quality mental healthcare in a cost-efficient way.

Tech Stack:

  • Programming Languages: jQuery, K2, JavaScript, jRuby.
  • DevOps Solutions: WordPress, GitHub, Amazon EC2, Sentry, Amazon EC2.
  • Business Tools: G Suite, Gmail.
  • Collaboration Tools: Zendesk, SendGrid, Slack, Box.

Dispatch Health

Founded: 2013 | Based: Denver

Dispatch Health is a provider of mobile and virtual care for people of all ages from the comfort of their own homes. Having raised over a staggering $440 million in funding to date, the HealthTech says it’s on pace to expand to a 100 markets and reach $2 billion in savings by 2023. Earlier this year, Dispatch Health teamed up with the third largest healthcare insurance company in the US – Humana – to provide in-home healthcare to Humana’s insured members. Since it’s launch in 2013, Dispatch Health has delivered care to more than 220,000 patients in the home and claims to have saved around $227 million in medical costs.

Tech Stack:

  • Programming Languages: jQuery, JavaScript, NGINX, Java, PHP, Python.
  • DevOps Solutions: New Relic, WordPress, HTML5.
  • Business Tools: Gmail, Add This, Google Fonts, Google Analytics, Gravity Forms.
  • Collaboration Tools: Dropbox, G Suite, Slack, Zendesk, Zoom.

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Founded: 2008 | Based: New York

Noom is a psychology-based digital health platform used to provide intelligent nutrition and exercise coaching. Over 50 million people have benefitted from Noom’s behaviour change courses, including its virtual diabetes programme, which was the first of its type to be recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Building on top of the strong foundation of its weight management programme, Noom plans to use its latest Series F funding to expand its behaviour change platform to address a wide range of conditions, including stress and anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, and sleep. By doing this, the HealthTech hopes to further generate positive change in people’s wellbeing globally.

Tech Stack:

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Java, Python, AWS Amplify.
  • DevOps Solutions: Sentry, WordPress, Optimizely, JIRA Software, Amazon EC2.
  • Business Tools: Gmail, Google Fonts, Google Analytics.
  • Collaboration Tools: G Suite, Basecamp, Slack, Zendesk.


Founded: 2007 | Based: New York

As one of the largest telehealth platforms in the US, Zocdoc has grown its healthcare provider network by 50% in the first US states that transitioned to its model, and the other states are following the same trajectory. Growing revenue by 36% year-over-year during the first two months of 2020 and having returned to year-on-year growth despite the disruptions of Covid-19, the company says it’s on track to accelerate their pre-pandemic growth trajectory. Off the back of this growth, the HealthTech today has over 10,000 participating healthcare providers across 100 specialties who offer almost one million available video visit appointments through the platform.

Tech Stack:

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python, NGINX.
  • DevOps Solutions: Docker, Sentry Ansible, Sentry, Datadog, AWS CloudFormation, GitHub.
  • Business Tools: Slack, Confluence, Google Analytics.
  • Collaboration Tools: HipChat, G Suite, Asana.

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Founded: 2017 | Based: New York

Ro is a telehealth startup that operates digital health clinics for men and women’s health, along with smoking cessation. Since starting in 2017, the HealthTech industry has facilitated over five million digital healthcare visits in nearly every US county, including 98% of primary care deserts. In 2021, Ro acquired Modern Fertility, one of the fastest growing women’s health businesses in the country which is focused on addressing the gaps in women’s healthcare. This acquisition represented a huge expansion of Ro’s women’s health offering, and places them in excellent stead to continue growing and improving their services in the future.

Tech Stack:

  • Programming Languages: jQuery, NGINX, Python, JavaScript. React, Java.
  • DevOps Solutions: WordPress, Amazon EC2, Kubernetes.
  • Business Tools: Gmail, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics.
  • Collaboration Tools: G Suite, Zendesk, Slack.


Founded: 2017 | Based: New York

Rightway is a HealthTech company that is simplifying the healthcare experience for its clients and members. Since launching in 2017, the company has grown to serve 500k members across 850 clients, and has achieved a 250% increase in headcount, positioning the HealthTech to bring a new level of innovation to the ailing healthcare landscape. In 2020, Rightway launched RightwayRx, a PBM solution which eliminates legacy tactics and misaligned incentives to create a fair and transparent model. To date, RightwayRx has delivered its clients a 20% reduction in year 1 pharmacy cost savings, whilst concurrently decreased member out-of-pocket costs.

Tech Stack:

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python, HTLM.
  • DevOps Solutions: GitHub, Docker, Honeybadger, Fabric, Crashlytics, Vimeo.
  • Business Tools: Jira, Confluence, Sketch, Aptible, Google Analytics.
  • Collaboration Tools: Slack, G Suite, Zoom, Slack.

Babylon Health

Founded: 2013 | Based: London

Babylon Health aims to provide accessible, affordable healthcare by combining AI with doctors. This revolutionary digital health company has delivered over eight million virtual consultations and AI interactions to date, and covers approximately 24 million people around the world, with a presence in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Babylon’s growth expectations remain bullish, with revenues of $710 million and $1.5 billion forecast over the next few years.

Tech Stack:

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python, Java, NGINX, Hibernate.
  • DevOps Solutions: GitHub, Git, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Sentry, JIRA Software.
  • Business Tools: Google Analytics.
  • Collaboration Tools: G Suite, Zoom, Slack, Zendesk.

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