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Vithusa Uthayakumar, Director of Storm3 Amsterdam


Tell us a little about yourself and your background? 

Hi, I’m Vithusa and I’m the Director of Storm3 Amsterdam. I am a London University Graduate in LLB Criminal Law and have been in the Life Science Recruitment industry for over 5 years, working with clients across DACH, BENELUX, NORDICS, and the US within a range of Health and Regulatory Sectors.

Back in December 2020, I underwent a complete move from London to the Netherlands and I haven’t looked back since! I am so excited to be working right in the thick of a market which is growing at breakneck speed, and I foresee very exciting things to come for Storm3 Amsterdam.

Outside of work, I love travelling and exploring new cultures, as well as getting outside and taking part in any and all outdoor sports!

What are you most proud of professionally? 

I am most proud of making my own decision to start a career path in recruitment. I truly believe that the choice I made soon after graduating to go into recruitment has impacted my life significantly, and made me who I am today. I am also proud to be a part of other people’s success story.

Seeing people succeed and achieve their goals is most definitely the best part of my job, and I am positive I will be seeing a lot of this in my role at Storm3! 

Are there any areas of HealthTech that excite you the most? 

There’s nothing quite as exciting as artificial intelligence right now, which has the potential to completely revolutionize healthcare and help address many long-held challenges of the industry. From accurately detecting cancer and heart disease, to virtual assistants that deliver medication reminders and even robot-assisted therapy, there seems to be no end to the AI’s potential in healthcare. A few decades ago, it would have been hard to even imagine that such things as Robo-surgeons existed or that there would be apps to suggest basic medicines. The role that AI has in bringing out a great revolution within HealthTech makes this a really exciting time to be a part of this drive!

Are there any health technologies or apps you use yourself or can recommend?

Two apps that I would highly recommend are the FemTechs Clue and Flo Health. Both are really popular women’s health apps that encompass not just period and fertility tracking abilities, but educational content as well. Another app I would also highly recommend is MindSpace, which is aimed at people dealing with panic attacks and anxiety. Its unique blend of early intervention support for young people and their parents is invaluable in improving home life for families.

Are companies actively hiring? 

Absolutely! Another fallout of Covid-19 is that HealthTech companies are hiring more than ever before. With Europe now being the fastest-growing region globally for HealthTech, the sector is becoming more and more valuable by the day. I have no doubt that alongside this growth, incredible talent from all sectors will be looking to join this lifechanging, disruptive industry.

What do you see as the growth areas or trends for 2022? 

Telemedicine has clearly expanded in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic serving as a massive catalyst for the sector’s rapid growth and usage. There are two sectors that I expect to see booming in 2022, the first being Digital Therapeutics. I see the advances in the increasingly dominant role of mHealth (mobile healthcare) and artificial intelligence (AI) in our everyday lives continuing to play a huge role in the growth of Digital Therapeutics in the coming years.

The second sector that I anticipate will continue dominating HealthTech in 2022 is Artificial Intelligence. Similar to Digital Therapeutics, the pandemic trigged a healthcare Artificial Intelligence boom, and the market is now forecast to reach $61.59 billion by 2027!

What’s your advice for HealthTechs on attracting and retaining top talent? 

Stay connected, and keep your mission and values top of mind. Your company mission statement will naturally attract candidates that share the same values and aspire to achieve the same goals as your business. Driving your mission statement also helps convey what makes your approach and positioning unique, making it far easier for talent to see how you’re making waves in HealthTech and which aspects of your company differentiate you from the rest of this competitive market.

Finally, what makes Storm3 different from other HealthTech recruiters? 

There are three key factors that set us apart from other HealthTech recruitment companies:

  • Quality: We ensure quality in all our work and have a clear understanding of who it is you’re looking for, allowing us to connect with the best and brightest minds in the market.
  • Speed: Our strong network of HealthTech-specific talent allows us to connect talent faster than any other recruitment agency in the sector.
  • Delivery: we stand by our commitments, and always deliver on what we promise. Importantly, we will always use your time wisely and do the background screenings to make sure that we only introduce you to the talent that is right for you.

Company Bio: 

Storm3 are the leaders in global HealthTech recruitment, connecting organizations with the talent to drive their mission. Launched in 2020 by executives from a hugely successful global recruitment company, the founding team achieved Series A funding of $3 million from Puffin Point Investments to disrupt and solve one of any technology CEO’s biggest challenges – attracting and retaining talent. Their highly specialized teams cover key HealthTech skillsets in Engineering, Data & Analytics, Sales & Marketing, and Product Management. They are the leading provider of HealthTech-focused information to clients for market compensation and best practice in diversity, hiring and retention. If you have hiring needs, or are looking for your next HealthTech role, contact our team today. 

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