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Specialists in recruiting top talent for Genomics startups that are making genetic diagnosis of disease a more efficient and cost-effective process. Contact one of our expert consultants today for advice and assistance in scaling your Genomics startup.

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Improving Patient Outcomes Through Personalized Medicine

Since the completion of the Human Genomic Project in 2003, genomics research has rapidly accelerated. By developing a greater understanding of the human body at a genetic level, new therapies are emerging that are able to treat diseases previously considered uncurable, and they have the potential to make the genetic diagnosis of disease a much more efficient, cost-effective process.

As the industry continues to receive greater recognition, we understand the necessity of building best-in-class teams. Our deep knowledge of the Genomics industry allows us to strongly empathize with your growth challenges, making us the chosen recruitment partner by startups revolutionizing patient treatment options.

Simplifying Your Hiring Demands

Storm3 promises an unparalleled recruiting service to exceed your hiring goals. As we understand the urgency in scaling these groundbreaking startups, our expert consultants consistently place leading professionals in roles ranging from mid-level to executive.

Harnessing a deep network of Genomics leaders across Data & Analytics, Engineering, Sales & Marketing and Product Management, our recruiters are fully immersed in their market, allowing them to build the richest and most dynamic Genomics teams.

Whether you are looking to hire a Genomics expert or an entire team, Storm3 is best placed to help. Our database of Genomics professionals hold invaluable competences to help advance population health management.


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How Does Storm3 Find Genomics Experts?

After choosing one of our three recruitment plans that best aligns with your hiring needs, our consultants get to work understanding your brief and the type of candidate/s you require, presenting you with an initial shortlist within 48 hours! Once interviews have taken place and an offer has been accepted, we manage the process and support with after offer care to ensure the smoothest onboarding process.

Why Does Storm3 See Themselves As Experts In Genomics Recruitment?

Our micro-niche consultants operate in the same verticals as the Genomics clients we work with. As a result of their incredibly specialist roles, and as a global business, speaking to hundreds of C-Suite clients and candidates every day, each of our consultants are in the top 1% of recruiters in their field.

What Other Companies Are Relying On Storm3 In The Genomics Market?

We partner with Genomics startups that are looking to fulfil their hiring goals after receiving institutional funding. These startups trust us to connect them with mid, senior and executive-level talent to innovate the key HealthTech regions; the US, Canada, Europe and APAC.