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Sales And Marketing careers

Sales and Marketing recruitment is more in demand than ever before as the function continues to be integral to all leading HealthTechs.

Sales and Marketing plays a key role in the HealthTech industry, from establishing sales objectives to delivering quality marketing strategies with the aim of inspiring revenue growth. Marketing and sales are a pillar of any HealthTech, and the potential for this specialism to innovate and drive business growth is endless.

Requiring exceptional communication, organization, and leadership skills, as well as a strong capability in driving lead generation, a career in Sales or Marketing is both challenging and rewarding. Appealing to creative and strategic self-starters who are passionate about driving marketing and sales objectives and sourcing new opportunities, these professionals are at the cutting edge of innovation and have a natural flair for leading and motivating the entire team towards success.

From skills in sales, marketing, partnerships, commercialism, leadership, and relationship management; to expertise in driving sales objectives, forming market strategies, and nurturing partnerships, few jobs require such a varied skillset. The best leaders in the field are those who always strive to increase revenue by creating and enforcing impeccable marketing and sales objectives.

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As a specialist Sales and Marketing recruitment agency, we work with some of the best marketing and sales talent in the industry. From Chief Marketing Officers to Commercial Directors, Heads of Partnerships, and Senior Sales Managers, Storm3 has a dedicated team of specialists who partner leading sales professionals with pioneering HealthTech companies, to create the most disruptive marketing and sales teams in the industry.

With proven experience of working in HealthTech across Europe, Asia and North America and playing a part in building highly successful sales teams, we’re best placed to help you fill your next sales and marketing role. Contact our team of specialist Sales and Marketing consultants if you are searching your next role, or if you are looking to expand your team. 

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