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Engineering And DevOps Recruitment

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Engineering And DevOps roles for your HealthTech

Engineering And DevOps careers

Engineering And DevOps recruitment is in greater demand than ever before as leading HealthTechs across the globe continue to realise the importance of this progressive function.

Engineering And DevOps plays a critical role in the HealthTech industry in it being responsible for creating strategic operational goals and excelling company performance through engineering visions, strategies, processes, policies and procedures. This function is a pillar of any HealthTech organization, and the opportunity it has to help HealthTechs exceed expectations of their products and services is limitless.

Requiring stellar problem-solving skills, adaptability, strategic thinking and the technical skills to design and execute Tech vision and strategy everyday, a career in DevOps and Engineering is equally challenging and rewarding. Attractive to leaders who are mission-led and driven to minimise costs and maximise results, they are curious to keep updated with the continual evolution of technology and see both long and short term opportunities within the space.

From skills in leadership, engineering, devOps, change management and technology; to holding overall responsibility for the engineering activities, methods and procedures of an organization, few roles require such a strategic capacity and big-picture mindset. The best leaders in the field are those who are passionate about implementing engineering strategies to meet the overall goals of the business

As a specialist Engineering and DevOps recruitment agency, we work with some of the best devOps and engineering talent in the industry. From Chief Technology Officers to Senior Engineers, and VPs of Engineering, Storm3 has a dedicated team of specialists who partner leading engineering and devOps professionals with industry-leading HealthTech companies, to create the most disruptive engineering teams in the market.

With proven experience of working in HealthTech across Europe, Asia and North America and playing a part in building highly successful engineering teams, we’re best placed to help you fill your next role. Contact our team of specialist Engineering and DevOps consultants if you are looking to expand your team, or if you are on the hunt for your next role. 

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