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Specialists in recruiting top talent for Real World Evidence (RWE) startups, from pharmaceutical and medical device companies, life science research and clinical studies and trials. Get in touch with one of our expert consultants today for support in meeting your hiring goals.

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The Reinvention Of Clinical Data Insights

Real World Evidence (RWE) is the evidence derived from Real World Data (RWD) that helps provide a more comprehensive understanding of how a new therapeutic treatment will work in the ‘real world’, rather than via standard Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs) alone. RWE is enhancing our understanding of what works for different patients in greater context, allowing researchers to examine the performance of drug treatments and interventions, and generating more cost effectiveness.

We understand that you need skilled professionals with a deep experience and understanding of Real World Evidence to forge a successful RWE HealthTech. Our team of specialized consultants have a thorough and technical grasp of the RWE sector and have the ability to uncover the niche skillsets needed to succeed in the industry.

Experts In Real World Evidence (RWE) Recruitment

Storm3 is dedicated to delivering an industry-leading recruitment service. We take the time to understand your business priorities and objectives and offer Standard, Exclusive, or Partnership talent sourcing solutions to help you reach your hiring goals.

Our micro-niche consultants engage with senior talent across Data & Analytics, Engineering, Sales & Marketing and Product Management. Our specialist approach to sourcing professionals means our consultants have the richest, most diverse network of talent in the market.

Whether you’re looking to hire a Real World Evidence expert or an entire team, Storm3 are best placed to help. Our database of RWE professionals hold a wealth of experience and are passionate about transforming the future of healthcare through Real World Evidence.


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How Does Storm3 Find Real World Evidence Talent?

A discussion with the Commercial Lead begins the process of working with us, where you can choose one of our three recruitment plans that best fits your hiring needs. Our consultants then scour their deep network of talent who have exclusively been headhunted, meaning the professionals we present to you cannot be found on the surface of the market. After interviews have occurred and an offer has been accepted, we manage the process and support you with after offer care to guarantee the smoothest onboarding for both parties.

What Makes Storm3 Specialists In Real World Evidence?

We solely operate in the four fundamental verticals of a Real World Evidence startups; Data & Analytics, Engineering, Sales & Marketing and Product Management. Our expert consultants immerse themselves in their niche market to build the strongest and most dynamic RWE teams, meaning all resources are used.

What Other Companies Rely on Storm3 To Find Real World Evidence Candidates?

Our industry-leading recruitment service attracts Real World Evidence startups on the brink of growth, typically after receiving Seed+ funding from investors. With a global presence in the core HealthTech markets, we have successfully placed mid to executive-level professionals across the US, Canada, Europe and APAC.