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The rapid growth of the HealthTech industry in the past couple of years has also increased the demand for the best talents. Based on our worldwide HealthTech recruitment experience, we have noticed some recurring patterns in the struggles startups have when looking for the right candidates. Here are some of our top insights to keep in mind while searching for your next talent:

Experience vs passion

HealthTechs truly have the potential to change people’s lives and make an impact on the world. Therefore, choosing a candidate who shares the same passion and can identify with the company’s mission should be a top priority.

Experience within the healthcare industry is also desirable, however, we recommend not limiting the search base too much. Familiarizing oneself with the HealthTech sector can be achieved over time, however, the ability to simplify complex problems, innovativeness, and the willingness to take risks are not so easily acquired qualities, though they can be much more valuable in the long term.

HealthTech Candidate

Recruiting team members from various backgrounds also enables for a more diverse workforce that have countless benefits for any company, such as higher revenue and better decision making. Including DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) in the hiring process allows companies to prioritize finding the right cultural fit.

It’s a two-way street

One of the most prominent attributes of the HealthTech industry is that both candidates and companies are driven by the hope to see the concrete ways their work is improving the lives of others. In startups, employees can feel more involved in the mission, which is a huge advantage over large corporations.

Some of the main offerings that help in poaching candidates from bigger companies is offering flexible working hours and an exciting office environment, as well as the possibility for remote work. Being open to remote workers also allows companies to widen their talent pool and attract candidates from all over the world. On a personal level, emphasizing the company’s mission and highlighting the individual growth opportunities are highly attractive qualities in a startup.

Nonetheless, attractive salaries are always going to be one of the top priorities for candidates. Make sure to check out the salary guides we created to get a comprehensive picture of HealthTech salaries and remuneration trends in different regions.

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