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Artificial Intelligence is a key driver in the advancement of the medical field. Electronic Health Records, which are basically a digital version of a patient’s paper chart, are no exceptions. Electronic health records, when it comes to large, integrated healthcare delivery systems, are known to be inflexible, difficult to use, archaic and costly to configure. Data shows that physicians spend around 62% of their time with a patient reviewing EHRs. To decrease this massive inefficiency, it’s becoming more common to use Artificial Intelligence systems to review patient information. The aim of AI-enhanced medical record systems is to enable medical professionals to spend less time on searching for clinical information and more on treating patients. With the right integration, AI can help medical professionals in making clinical decisions, evaluate care plans, while minimizing risks and ensure accuracy.

AI and medical documentation

So How Can AI Be Utilized In Medical Documentation?

Data Extraction:  AI integration make is possible for medical professionals to extract patient data from various sources.

Predictive Analytics: Predictive models built from big data can alert doctors on potential serious diseases. AI can also enhance interpretation algorithms to provide decision support and treatment strategies.

Clinical Documentation: AI and NLP powered tools (Natural Language Processing helps computers read, understand, and interpret human language) enable capturing data from various sources, therefore allowing medical professionals to focus more on the patients.

Decision Support: With AI integration in medical records, identifying patterns and predicting outcomes become much easier. Therefore, decisions on treatment procedures and strategies can be more personalized.

The Future Of Medical Documentation

Patient medical records are crucial for improving the patient care journey. It’s clear that by the continuous innovation that is happening in the medical field, AI’s role in medical records is becoming more and more important. Simultaneously, we predict that the relevance of data scientist roles and the focus on data will accelerate as well.

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