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Programming languages like C++ have thrived in several different industries around the world. With the program helping to assist developers and make features more effortless to access and use. After the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional systems became reconstructed in the healthcare industry and have been enhanced with updated artificial intelligence and programming languages.

C++ was once the fascination of the late 20th century; with all the developments they have made in the space. But now, there are newer, flashier programming languages that have taken precedent. So, the question has been posed by many programmers in the space. ‘Is C++ becoming a more outdated programming language?’


C++, Defined

The general-purpose programming language C++ has several different uses, from software engineering to game programming, browser development and data structuring. C++ specializes in system programming and building applications with constrains. It’s a perfect language to use if you tend to have a large buffer, high concurrency, or minimum latency. The programming language is a reliable and powerful program that is object-oriented with imperative features.

There’s a reason why C++ is still a highly sought after programming language, with a few of its  many great features and advantages being:

  • Function Overloading
  • Memory Management
  • C++ Standard Library
  • Exceptional Handling
  • Versatile
  • Scalable
  • Highly Portable
  • Object Oriented
  • Multi-paradigm

C++’s astonishing speed is one of the main reasons it’s still greatly used today. Generally, applications that need low latency are more likely to choose C++ because its execution and compilation are a lot faster compared to the other similar programming languages.


The Difference Between C++ And Other Languages

When C++ was first introduced in 1985, it was the most used programming language in the world. However, several different languages have come out since then, from JavaScript to Java, PHP, Swift and Kotlin. So, what is the difference between C++ and these other programming languages, and what makes people think they are pushing C++ out?


Alongside C++, JavaScript, the feature-packed, object-based language for scripting,  helped to construct the internet. JavaScript is  known worldwide as web developers preferred choice of programming language, mainly due to it’s  asynchronous event handling and crisp syntax. However, there is a significant difference in the purpose of these languages. C++ is a programming language whereas JavaScript is scripting. C++ is intended to be compiled and then executed, and JavaScript is created to be interpreted.


Java is another common demanded computer programming language that is used presently. The language plays a significant role  that made some of the world’s favorite apps and games like Netflix and Minecraft. Alongside this, most EHR systems are made from Java because of the security feature they provide and cross-platform capabilities that makes the language easier to use. The difference between these two is that Java has the ability to be both compiled and interpreted, while C++ is only meant to be a compiled language.


PHP is an open-source programming language that is perfect for building websites. Developing applications is a main source for this language, due to its high-level PHP coding skills and  ability to write command line scripts. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is a great tool for web development, C++ is one of the fastest languages used today with ability to directly compile to a machines native code.


Swift is a programming language that helps optimize performance for coders. Generally, Swift is one of the easier and more proficient software writing languages. Swift is known for its speed, safety and interactive language that creates a user-friendly system that produces the desired results quickly. C++ and Swift are very similar languages however, C++ primarily focuses on bringing high performing, having more control over memory allocation, and being cross-platform. Swift is favored because of its limited operating systems, its minimization of complexity and is not Objective-C.


Kotlin is known as one of the easier programming languages because of the speed people  learn to use it, along with the fact that it’s  compatible with Javas programs. The easy-to-learn system has made the programming language a top choice for developers, and it’s  concise and modern program  provides access to web frontend, multi-platform mobile, and server-sided applications. Kotlin is seen as a preferable language mainly because of its ability to exchange and make use of information with Java. Whereas C++ is usually chosen over other languages due to its performance.


The Future of C++

C++ is still a highly demanded programming language in 2022, with its performance, versatility, and reliability making it a just as valuable as any other programming language today. Because of how old C++ is, many wrongfully believe that it’s headed towards extinction and tend to  underrate its capabilities. Java, Swift and the other listed programming languages are all exiting new systems that people choose to specialize in. But due to C++’s accomplishments and high-speed performance it’s not going away anytime soon.

“I’ve heard both sides of this argument from  candidates  I’ve spoken with that’re working in roles that require experience with programming languages. Some have said it’s an outdated technology and they would prefer to work with newer technologies like react or python. Whilst other candidates have said that C++ is still very relevant and critical to their current roles.

The ones that are still working with C++ enjoy working with it. These people are  primarily  either working with medical devices or robotics software.

Depending on where candidates start off in their professional careers, C++ tends to be used less as they progress. A lot of the time, C++ is used by programmers more heavily when wrapping up their education. Later in their professional career, they end up getting away from C++ and start working more with react or JavaScript.

There’s no doubt that the program is still very reliable ; a lot of programming languages  started off being programed with C++, so many companies are still naturally embedded with it. There’s nothing outwardly wrong with C++, – that’s why it’s still so widely used today.”

-Tonia Hennington, DevEng Consultant, Storm3


In 2022, C++ is a useful, up-to-date, and vital programming language, especially as many of the world’s major operating systems such as Microsoft Windows were built from the program. There are some areas in which the program is vital to the success of a system. Such as for building android apps, video games, virtual reality, and highly reliable applications and there are some areas in which a different language can be used. However, the fact remains that C++ is still considered an efficient and vital programming language. It’s far from becoming extinct.

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