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Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Storm3 has a portfolio of experienced Chief Product Officers who are driven to promote product excellence within their company and customer base.

If you are looking to hire a Chief Product Officer, or are looking for your next role, Storm3 has a wide network of skilled Chief Product Officers who are experienced in leading and facilitating the creation of products that deliver value to both consumers and the organization. We partner with innovative HealthTech companies across the globe, connecting them with Chief Product Officers who are mission led and passionate about driving their product vision.

These strategic leaders are experts in their field with an extensive amount of product experience.

From the early stages of developing a new product concept to beyond the product launch, a Chief Product Officer balances the needs and goals of both the product and the business, making them pinnacle to delivering sustainable value to the organization.

Key CPO responsibilities include:

  • Head the entire product management department, ensuring key roles are being executed
  • Set product vision for the brand and product, and inspire, influence and lead creative teams and cross functional partners
  • Ensure successful creation of a product that drives brand strategy and vision
  • Recommend product development strategies that generate increased revenue through the sales of new products
  • Conduct research and analysis to gain valuable insights into the target market to continuously evolve product development strategies and deliver improved customer experiences
  • Oversee the entire product innovation process with a problem-solving approach
  • Interview and hire product employees and teams to ensure the best candidates are chosen to maximise value

The best Chief Product Officers are those with a strategic product vision, design-focused, data-driven in their thinking and obsessed with solving their customers problems. We’re proud that some of the top Chief Product Officers in the HealthTech market are currently partnered with Storm3.

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