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Head Of Product

Storm3 has a portfolio of experienced Product leaders, who are on a mission to improve the health and wellness of people around the world.

Are you looking for a Head of Product, or for your next role in the product function? Storm3 has a large database of experienced Product leaders who can help you drive your product roadmap and deliver a consistent flow of excellent products and services. We partner with forward-thinking HealthTech companies across the globe, matching them with exceptional product professionals.

These senior leaders are seasoned veterans, with a wealth of experience in the product space.

A head of product defines, creates, and champions a growing product-centric function by optimising the efficiency of existing products and working innovatively to create new ones. They understand all processes and methods in product management and technical development, and are experienced in leading a product team to raise the company to the next level.

Key Head of Product responsibilities include:

  • Strategic planning and management of the entire product portfolio
  • Create and present visionary innovations and strategic decision proposals
  • Define and monitor relevant KPIs and control of the measures to achieve the objectives set
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders, including the senior leadership team
  • Manage the product functions budget, financials and KPIs
  • Plan new features, changes and improvements to the product suite
  • Lead a product management team in which you motivate and achieve steady improvements in your function

The best Heads of Product are curious in nature, relentless problem solvers, and enthusiastic to make a massive impact within an organization. Storm3 are proud to be partnered with some of the best Heads of Product in the HealthTech industry.

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