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Senior Product Manager

Storm3 has a portfolio of experienced Senior Product Managers who are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world.

Are you on the search for a Senior Product Manager to drive your product development? Storm3 has a vast database of experienced Senior Product Designers who are well versed in product requirements and roadmaps and skilled at analysing customer feedback to drive exceptional user experiences.

Overseeing the building and implementing of product strategies that are consistent with the company vision, Senior Product Managers are imperative to the overall success of an organization.

Acting as a key point of contact between company departments to decide on proper product strategies and plans, A Senior Product Manager has a spirit of creativity and uses this to create stellar plans, products and services.

Key Senior Product Manager responsibilities include:

  • Develop and implement product requirements and roadmaps
  • Lead product managers and coordinate with cross functional teams, such as the engineering, design and marketing teams
  • Collect and analayze customer feedback to inform features, requirements, and end products
  • Product and review product requirements documents (PRD)
  • Ensure products and releases are launched correctly and on schedule
  • Make creative recommendations to expand product base and vision
  • Represent the voice of the end consumer throughout the development process

The best Senior Product Managers are strategic, creative leaders who are data-driven in their approach. We’re proud to be working with and connecting these skilled partners with HealthTech startups and scale ups across the globe.

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