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Director Of Product Design

Storm3 has a portfolio of experienced Product leaders, who are well versed at product design and have a deep understanding of the entire product landscape.

Are you looking for a Director of Product Design who will take your product development to the next level? Storm3 has a database of skilled Product Design leaders, who are adept in product design and experienced in delivering outstanding user experiences driven through consumer data. We partner with innovative HealthTechs across the globe and connect them with incredible Design Directors who have an eye for detail.

These product leaders are highly experienced and have a deep understanding of the entire product landscape.

Overseeing the implementation of product design policies, objectives, and initiatives, the Director of Product Design is passionate about delivering high-impact products that will resonate with the organization’s customer base.

With skills such as out-of-the-box thinking and strong leadership, we have some of the best Directors of Product Design currently working with Storm3.

Key Director of Product Design responsibilities include:

  • Solidify and execute the plan for the products design, UX and UI
  • Identify new product improvement opportunities
  • Analayze how new products satisfy market needs and consumer preferences
  • Work with other designers and cross-functional team members to make informed product decisions
  • Coach, mentor and lead a team of product designers
  • Stay up to date on current industry trends and market conditions
  • Present product design ideals to cross-functional teams and senior leadership

The top Director of Product Design professionals are passionate about continually improving the product, are entrepreneurial in their thinking, and are self-starters who take ownership of tasks and drive towards solutions.

We’re proud that Storm3 are currently partnered with some of the best Directors of Product Design who are skilled at reaching into the mind of the customer.

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