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Head of Data Engineering

Storm3 has a portfolio of experienced Data leaders who are skilled in leveraging data to bolster company success.

Are you looking for an accomplished Head of Data Engineering to spearhead your data team? Or maybe as a Head of Data you are looking for a change in career paths towards the HealthTech sector? Storm3’s purpose is to connect innovative HealthTech leaders with top talent across the globe to help them achieve their mission.

These senior leaders hold a wealth of data experience, and are true experts within their function.

The Head of Data Engineering owns the data storage infrastructure roadmap, being responsible for building leading edge data systems from the ground up. Calling upon their industry experience to implement improvements and optimise processes, the Head of Data Engineering is a key player of any HealthTech organization.

Key Head of Data Engineering responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the organization has defined, identified, architected, and integrated the data required to deliver their strategy
  • Lead the data team in building a highly robust and scalable data platform
  • Ensure top quality data is available for all stakeholders by adopting fast-paced, scalable, and continuously evolving data systems and processes
  • Lead and design data pipelines that power advanced analytics work
  • Manage all infrastructure around the large volumes of data being collected by the organization
  • Work in a collaborative way to enable and drive adoption of DevOps, DataOps and other automation technologies
  • Promote technical excellence across the team and integrate best practice data engineering within the organization

Working closely with the CTO and the engineering team, the Head of Data Engineering is imperative to the success of your HealthTech. Wearing many hats, they are highly capable in multi-tasking and prioritising to ensure timely deliveries.

We are proud that some of the best Data Engineering leaders in HealthTech are currently working with Storm3.

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