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Data Director

Storm3 has a portfolio of strategic Data Directors who are experienced in leveraging data as a strategic resource.

Are you looking to direct and oversee the data function as a Data Director? Or are you looking for a Data Director who will take your HealthTech to the next level? Storm3 has a vast network of Data professionals who will lead on the design, development, and implementation of data structures and warehouses to increase the functionality of an organization. We connect leading HealthTech businesses with remarkable Data leaders who hold a wealth of experience and are true leaders in their field.

These senior leaders are passionate about ensuring data quality, with extensive experience in forming data strategies.

Guided by an organizations’ specific needs and goals, the role of the Data Director is strategic in nature, holding responsibility for the direction, coordination and implementation of a company’s data strategy.

We’re proud that some of the best Data Directors in the HealthTech space are currently partnered with Storm3.

Key Data Director responsibilities include:

  • Design, develop and implement data warehouses and data structures for the organization
  • Create and implement guidelines for data governance, data modelling, and quality assurance
  • Analayze the organizations data initiatives for inefficiencies and other factors which may affect proper data warehousing
  • Manage the data team by identifying staffing needs, evaluating current staff, establishing employee goals and providing training
  • Create reports and presentations targeted to executive-level management as well as stakeholders with regard to ongoing data projects
  • Work alongside stakeholders to identify specific data needs and serve as a liaison between stakeholders and upper management

HealthTech leaders will be on the lookout for Data Directors with specific experience in overseeing an organization’s overall data initiatives. They are strong team players with excellent communication skills, and have a naturally analytical view of data trends and insights.

Storm3’s Data Director’s are among the best in the market, leading the data function for HealthTech products and services across Europe, North America and the APAC region.

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