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Senior Data Scientist

Storm3 has a portfolio of skilled Senior Data Scientists who are on a mission to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Are you a Series A to E HealthTech  looking to grow your Data and Analytics function?

Storm3 has a wide network of experienced Senior Data Scientists who are adept at using data to inform and promote a company’s expansion. We partner with industry-leading HealthTech companies across the globe, connecting them with Senior Data Scientists who are passionate about acquiring, processing and integrating data to achieve wider company goals. 

From formulating and managing data-driven projects that’re geared towards  furthering the organizations’ interests, to suggesting ways in which insights obtained might be used to advise company strategies, a Senior Data Scientist is naturally inquisitive and extremely detail-oriented. Monitoring the performance of Junior Data Scientists and providing them with the guidance they need, a Senior Data Scientist will be a natural leader who has an incredible impact on the revenue growth of the company.

Key Senior Data Scientist responsibilities include:

  • Formulate, suggest, and manage data-driven projects to further business interests
  • Generate information and insights from data sets and identify trends and patterns
  • Co-create data science roadmaps with product leads and data analysts
  • Collaborate with other data scientists and engineers to produce features and models
  • Build and enhance solutions for data engineers, software engineers, and business users
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis and present results to VPs and leaders within the organisation
  • Keep up to date with trends and developments in technology and methods in the data science community
  • Lead and deliver data science projects from start to finish, working closely with stakeholders to ensure a measurable business impact
  • Contribute towards the growth and mentorship of the data science team in capabilities from natural language, representation learning, geospatial, and time series analysis

The best Senior Data Scientists are those who possess strong critical reasoning whilst remaining creative when handling data. We’re proud that some of the leading Data Scientists in HealthTech are currently working with Storm3.

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