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Machine Learning Engineer

Storm3 has a portfolio of skilled Machine Learning Engineers who are experienced in leveraging data as a strategic resource.

Are you looking for your next opportunity in data? Or is your HealthTech in need of a Machine Learning Engineer? Storm3 has a wide network of skilled ML Engineers who are experienced in running AI software and designing machine learning systems. We partner with disruptive HealthTechs across the globe, helping them find Engineers that will apply algorithms to generate accurate predictions and resolve problems.

These senior leaders are experts within the data function, and will bring a wealth of data-specific experience to your organization.

As the bridge between data models and the software that makes use of them, these Engineering leaders combine data science with computer science fundamentals to design, build, and maintain machine learning systems.

Key Machine Learning Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Design, build and maintain machine learning systems
  • Consult with managers to determine and refine machine learning objectives
  • Transform data science prototypes and apply appropriate machine learning algorithms and tools
  • Turn unstructured data into useful information
  • Solve complex problems with multi-layered data sets, as well as optimise existing machine learning libraries and frameworks
  • Develop machine learning algorithms to analayze huge volumes of historical data to make future predictions
  • Run tests, perform statistical analysis and interpret results
  • Keep up to date with developments in the machine learning field
  • Effectively communicate the status, value and importance of data collection to the executive team as well the entire organization

A Machine Learning Engineer is an intuitive, creative professional, with an innate ability to understand data and derive insights. They are uniquely positioned to help organizations become more efficient and successful. At Storm3, we’re proud to be partnered with some of the best Machine Learning Engineers in the HealthTech space.

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