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VP Of Engineering

Storm3 has a portfolio of strategic Engineering leaders who are driven to ensure the success of the entire engineering function.

Are you looking for a VP of Engineering to take care of the development of your engineering team? Storm3 are dedicated to helping HealthTech leaders build out their engineering teams with the very best senior Engineering talent in the market who have vast knowledge of the engineering space and a strong ability to inspire and lead others.

These senior leaders have a multitude of skills, and will bring incredible experience to your HealthTechs’ engineering function.

The VP of Engineering is a master of the technical skills of their role and is driven to keep well versed with the latest research in the space. Responsible for leading the engineering team, a VP of Engineering is integral to the success of your HealthTech organization.

Key VP of Engineering responsibilities include:

  • Lead the engineering team through management and mentorship
  • Oversee the development, implementation, and support of the organization’s applications
  • Stay up to date on latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure the team is utilising best-in-class resources
  • Work closely with the executive team to set up company direction and priorities
  • Lead research and development with the goal of bringing new products and services to the HealthTech market
  • Coordinate the work of the engineering team with other departments within the organization, including finance, marketing, production and so on

This role calls for both strong organizational leadership skills and change management, as well as the ability to be a strategic problem-solver in order to drive the success of the entire engineering team. We’re proud that some of the best Engineering leaders are currently partnered with Storm3.

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