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Engineering Lead

Storm3 has a portfolio of skilled Engineering Leads who are passionate about driving the engineering function.

Are you searching for an Engineering Lead? Storm3 has a vast network of specialist Engineering Leads who are adept at handling the human side of software development. We collaborate with forward-thinking HealthTech companies, matching them with Engineering Leads who are mission-driven and passionate about having a positive impact within the HealthTech space.

These senior leaders are industry experts with extensive experience in the engineering function.

The Engineering Lead will drive for the flawless execution and delivery of new technology, components, capabilities, and products to grow the company strategy.

Key Engineering Lead responsibilities include:

  • People leadership: manage the happiness, performance, and growth of your team
  • Ensure team delivery and results, evolving processes and guiding the team towards autonomy and high performance
  • Work with engineering leaders to drive strategic goals and improve technical directon
  • Champion software engineering principles to deliver a better experience for users
  • Plan and execute strategies for completing projects effectively and on time
  • Ensure products have the support of upper management

The top leaders of Engineering are those who help lead the engineering function to success by providing the right environment, resources and high-level views necessary to allow for great work. We’re proud that Storm3 is currently networking with Engineering Leads that uphold these qualities.

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Engineering & DevOps Jobs in HealthTech

Our Engineering And DevOps network includes