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Head of DevOps

Storm3 has a portfolio of experienced DevOps leaders who are well versed in the DevOps function and use this to improve products, features, and services.

Are you looking to hire a Head of DevOps to lead your HealthTech’s entire DevOps department? Storm3‘s established network of senior DevOps talent have extensive programming experience and superior trouble shooting skills.

These leaders hold a wealth of DevOps experience, and are skilled in integrating the previously separated teams of Development and Operations.

The main purpose of the Head of DevOps is to lead the entire DevOps department towards building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure. With excellent communication skills and a breadth of knowledge in improving visibility across the CI/CD pipeline, a Head of DevOps is driven to constantly learn new things and push for continuous improvement of products, features, and services.

Key Head of DevOps responsibilities include:

  • Build and set up new development tools and infrastructure
  • Work on ways to automate and improve development and release processes
  • Experience deploying and building CI/CD pipelines
  • Lead the DevOps team and nurture a continuous improvement mindset
  • Identify technical problems and develop software updates and ‘fixes’
  • Work hand-in-hand with the frontend and backend engineering teams in all technical operations
  • Promote, document, and implement systems infrastructure best practices, building tools that allow the organization to develop and deploy impeccable software

HealthTech leaders are on the lookout for professionals who are great leaders and champions in building and setting up development tools and infrastructure. We’re proud that some of the best Heads of DevOps are currently in partnership with Storm3.

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