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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Storm3 has a portfolio of skilled Chief Technology Officers who are passionate about leading the entire engineering function.

If you’re looking for your next Chief Technology Officer role or to fill a Chief Technology Officer vacancy, Storm3 has a portfolio of skilled CTO’s who think strategically, have strong business acumen, and are experienced in developing and leading an organization’s technological landscape. We partner with disruptive HealthTech companies around the world, connecting them with Chief Technology Officers who are passionate about improving and increasing business.

Chief Technology Officers are at the top of their field, and hold extensive amounts of technological experience.

From leading the company’s information technology and computer systems, to directing the executive team on the best processes, a Chief Technology Officer oversees sufficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s IT setup to reach its goals.

Key CTO responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for the technology architecture and technical leadership of the organization
  • Develop the company’s technology strategy and standard practices and resources
  • Discover, evaluate, and implement new systems and infrastructure in partnership with IT
  • Lead cross-functional departments in using technology effectively
  • Keep up to speed with new trends and best practices in the technology landscape
  • Oversee all system designs and changes in system architecture

HealthTech leaders are on the lookout for Chief Technology Officers who are well-versed in technical knowledge and curious to keep updated with the continual evolution of technology. They have an extremely high strategic capacity and uphold a big-picture mindset.

We’re proud that many of the best Chief Technology Officers who uphold these traits are currently working with Storm3.

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