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VP of Sales

Storm3 has a wide network of Sales leaders who are passionate about achieving sales targets to drive company goals.

Are you looking for a VP of Sales to take your sales department to the next level? Storm3 has a database of experienced Sales leaders, who are well versed in directing sales teams to meet and exceed sales goals. We partner with scaling HealthTech companies and connect them with incredible VP of Sales professionals who are robust leaders with a plethora of industry knowledge.

These sales leaders are experts in their field with a deep understanding of the entire sales landscape.

Driving sales objectives and identifying new sales opportunities, a VP of Sales is passionate about building client relationships, collaborating with internal stakeholders, monitoring market trends, and achieving commercial targets to accomplish business goals.

Key VP of Sales responsibilities include:

  • Drive sales objectives and achieve commercial budgets and targets
  • Build and lead a high performing sales team to hit ambitious and ever-growing targets
  • Build and maintain strong and long-lasting client and partner relationships
  • Develop and execute the strategic sales plan agreed with the CEO to achieve sales targets
  • Recruit and hire sales staff and develop training programmes
  • Create sales reports and provide feedback to the leadership team
  • Monitor overall sales pipelines and market segment pipelines to insure high probability for revenue achievements

The best VP of Sales takes responsibility, is self-motivated, and is first and foremost passionate about sales and building a successful sales team. We’re proud that some of the best sales leaders in the HealthTech space are currently working with Storm3.

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