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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Storm3 has a portfolio of skilled Chief Marketing Officers who have extensive experience and success in leading HealthTech market strategies.

If you’re looking for a Chief Marketing Officer who will take your HealthTech product or service to the next level, Storm3 has a wide network of experienced Chief Marketing Officers who are focused on developing and overseeing the entire market strategy. We partner with innovative HealthTech companies from around the world, connecting them with Chief Marketing Officers who are skilled at spotting market opportunities and driving business growth.

These senior leaders are at the cutting-edge of innovation, with extensive experience in leading HealthTech market strategies. 

Reporting directly to the CEO, the CMO is a key leader of an organization, and is responsible for establishing company-wide marketing goals. At Storm3, we’re proud to be working with some of the most forward-thinking CMO’s in HealthTech.

Key CMO responsibilities include:

  • Setting market goals and objectives for the business
  • Plan and implement a marketing strategy for the organization
  • Determine KPIs for the marketing department
  • Contribute to the overall growth of the company
  • Create internal synergies to expand brand exposure and leverage relationships with both internal and external business partners
  • Work with the CEO and executive team to collaborate and establish a marketing vision and strategy
  • Identify and anticipate market trends and technological advancements to provide strategic direction for the organization
  • Provide ongoing tracking, measurement, ROI and KPI analysis to provide clear, actionable insights for the marketing strategy

With a vision of where the company needs to be, a Chief Marketing Officer will distil market trends, research, business data and product or service attributes that drives demand by connecting with customers. Working directly with the CEO and the entire executive team, a Chief Marketing Officer will generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing for the entire organization.

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