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ChiefGrowth Officer (CGO)

Storm3 has a portfolio of skilled Chief Growth Officers who have extensive experience and success in leading HealthTech market strategies.

Are you looking for a Chief Growth Officer who has the skills and experience needed to take your HealthTech to the next level? Storm3 has a wide network of experienced Chief Growth Officers who are focused on overseeing the expansion of an organization. We partner with innovative HealthTech companies from around the world, connecting them with Chief Growth Officers who are skilled at spotting market opportunities and driving business growth. A Chief Growth Officer typically has a wide range of responsibilities across functions such as Marketing, Sales and Product.

These Senior leaders have extensive experience in leading HealthTech market strategies and managing a company’s overall holistic growth.

The role of Chief Growth Officer is disrupting the way companies approach their brand’s vision and apply customer centricity across departments. At Storm3, we’re proud to be working with some of the most forward-thinking CGO’s in HealthTech.

Key CGO responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating new business development opportunities
  • Developing growth plans including goals, strategies, and tactics for increasing market share
  • Creating and implementing strategies to acquire new customers or increase sales to existing customers
  • Researching new technologies that could have an impact on the company’s industry or business model
  • Collaborating with other executives to develop innovative solutions to problems within the company

With a vision of where the company needs to be, a Chief Growth Officer will reshape the organization that they work for as well as collaborate, measure, and provide support for growth initiatives. Working directly with the CEO and the entire executive team, a Chief Growth Officer  works across a number of key activity areas to drive exceptional growth. We’re proud that some of the top Chief Growth Officer’s in HealthTech are currently working with Storm3.

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