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Commercial Director

Storm3 has a wide network of Commercial Directors who are experienced in accelerating company growth in line with commercial goals.

Are you looking for a commercial leader? Storm3 has a vast network of Commercial Directors who are on a mission to identify new opportunities and ensure market fit of products and services based on current HealthTech trends. We connect leading HealthTech startups and scale ups with remarkable Commercial Directors who have a wealth of commercial experience and are true pioneers in their expertise.

These senior leaders are commercially driven with an entrepreneurial and strategic mindset, and will bring a wealth of commercial experience to your organization.

Having regular contact with consumers, as well as experience in identifying market gaps for additional opportunities, a Commercial Director is a pillar of any HealthTech startup or scale up.

Key Commercial Director responsibilities include:

  • Develop and implement the commercial strategy in line with company goals and objectives, with an overall aim to accelerate growth
  • Conduct market research and analysis to create detailed business plans on commercial prospects
  • Manage existing client relationships
  • Collaborate with teams across the organization, such as marketing, sales and customer service
  • Assist in creating and delivering sales forecasts, goals and objectives
  • Establish and manage long-term relationships with company stakeholders
  • Track, measure and analayze commercial metrics using KPIs to generate commercial strategies
  • Understand the requirements of existing customers

With excellent organizational and leaderships skills, a Commercial Director will have outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities to successfully manage relationships with key stakeholders and clients. Highly competent in strategy and innovation, these commercial leaders will accelerate growth in line with company goals.

Storm3’s Commercial Directors are among the best in the market, driving the commercial strategies of HealthTech products and services across North America, Europe, and the APAC region.

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