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Head of Growth

Storm3 has a vast network of growth experts who are mission led and passionate about creating sustainable organizational growth.

Are you looking for a Head of Growth who has the experience needed to take your HealthTech to the next level? Storm3 has a wide network of experienced Heads of Growth who are focused on facilitating the flow of information between the marketing departments, product development, sales and finance. We partner with innovative HealthTech companies from around the world, connecting them with Heads of Growth who are skilled at creating a company’s strategy around digital acquisition and growth.

These senior leaders have extensive experience in positively impacting the entire customer lifecycle, coordinating and executing a company’s growth programs and optimizing the revenue funnel.

A Head of Growth utilizes technology and metrics to drive revenue through efficient and continuous customer growth and retention. An experienced Head of Growth can propel your HealthTech to new heights.

Key Head of Growth responsibilities include:

  • Leading a high-performing team to create and implement strategic marketing initiatives across various marketing function
  • Creating and implementing the marketing plan in line with overall business objectives
  • Striking a balance between longer-term strategic brand building activities, mid-term lead generation as well as quick wins to achieve targets
  • Using data and analytics for decision making and measuring marketing effectiveness
  • Creating a culture of structured experimentation and iteration to drive growth
  • Driving sustainable bottom-line growth

With a vision of where the company needs to be, a Head of Growth helps their company expand its customer base, increase revenue, and market share growth. A Head of Growth is essential to achieve sustainable growth on the long term in your company. We’re proud that some of the top Heads of Growth in the HealthTech space are currently working with Storm3.

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