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Head of Engineering

Storm3 has a portfolio of skilled Engineering leaders who are passionate about improving people’s health and wellbeing.

Are you looking for a Head of Engineering who will surcharge your entire Frontend and Backend development teams? Responsible for all areas of the Engineering function, Storm3 connects these strategic engineering professionals with pioneering HealthTech companies from across the globe.

These professional leaders are true experts within their field, and hold a wealth of engineering experience.

The Head of Engineering is tactically responsible for implementing the engineering strategy and for creating strategic operational goals to exceed customer expectations of products and services. They work closely with key stakeholders and provide clear leadership and vision for the engineering function.

Key Head of Engineering responsibilities include:

  • Create and implement best practice engineering vision, strategy, processes, policies and procedures to aid and excel business performance
  • Provide technical guidance to engineering teams and top level management
  • Find and implement ways to improve the cost-efficiency of the engineering function
  • Coach and mentor engineers to advance their career
  • Contribute to shape the overall engineering culture of the organization

HealthTech leaders are looking for Heads of Engineering who are adaptable, see both short-and-long-term opportunities, and have stellar problem-solving skills. With an overall objective to meet the goals of the business, a Head of Engineering understands the needs to both minimize costs whilst maximizing results, and can effectively maintain a balance between the two.

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